Enter Bluetooth USB Dongle Rs.125 on Amazon

Amazon is offering upto 60% off on Enter Computer Accessories. Free delivery.Amazon is offering upto 60% off on Enter Computer Accessories. Free delivery.

MRP:- Rs.250

Price:- Rs.125

Description:- Why struggle with multiple wires and messy applications to get a Bluetooth transfer done, when you have this super sleek and stylish Enter Bluetooth USB Dongle. This dongle is light, compact and easy to use. Bluetooth is the most useful technology ever created so that you can transfer a huge amount of file without any LAN connection. Due to its useful and friendly nature, Bluetooth has become a common feature in all mobile phones as well, but it is a bit difficult to send files through a mobile phone as it requires security clearance in several steps before connecting with another device. In order to reduce the tediousness and make the transfer smooth and swift, Enter has come up with this magical Bluetooth device.

This Bluetooth dongle has a Universal Serial Bus port which makes it compatible with multiple devices like laptops, PCs, tablets and modems. The dongle needs no special software, applications or drivers to run and it works on the plug and play technology where you can simply connect and use it. This Bluetooth dongle can run on different operating systems like Windows 98, 98se, me, 2000, XP and Vista. The dongle supports LAN access, Dial-up connection, Fax and headsets.

This Enter Bluetooth USB Dongle is perfect for official use as you need not keep a dozen of wires and cables for file transfer to other devices on the network. This dongle is supposedly the smallest Bluetooth dongle ever made, hence it is no hassle to use it. It keeps your desk clean and tidy. You can also use the dongle on your personal network to transfer data quickly and easily. Place an online order today and enjoy easy transfer of data.

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